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  1. materi-1-arti-penting-m-keu-int
  2. materi-2-sistem-moneter-dan-mekanisme-penentuan-kurs
  3. materi-3-neraca-pembayaran
  4. materi-4-pasar-valas
  5. materi-5-ipr-dan-peranan-kurs-tukar
  6. materi-6-future-dan-opsi-valas
  7. materi-7-manajemen-eksposur-transaksi
  8. materi-8-manajemen-eksposur-ekonomi
  9. materi-9-pasar-perbankan-dan-uang-internasional
  10. materi-10-pasar-obligasi-internasional
  11. materi-11-pasar-ekuitas-internasional
  12. materi-12-investasi-portofolio-internasional
  13. materi-13-investasi-langsung-luar-negeri
  14. materi-14-struktur-modal-dan-biaya-modal-internasional

21 thoughts on “M-KEUANGAN-INT

  1. Assalam. . pa prof maksaih atas materinya yg sudah di berikan di kelas maupun di undihan ini!!! semoga bermanfaat buat semuanya dan jd ladang amal buat pa prof!!!

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  2. ass,,,pakk proff mhn maaf untuk materi soal ujian M,Keuangan internasional & M.Risiko saya ad ksulitan untk mengunduh soalnya ya pak proff,,mohon bantuannya..Trims Pak Prof..
    MestY Melisa Latu Feriza 108334033

  3. Terima Kasih bapak atas bimbingannya, semoga bapak sehat selalu dan senantiasa mencerahkan mahasiswanya… Blog ini sangat bermanfaat
    Taufik Hermansyah

  4. there is always hot dcusission with our friends regarding the LCD/LED TV or which is the best to go. and we looked at ebay about the pricing. Surprisingly we noticed lot of difference between online pricing and retail shop pricing. Even for that cost in there is just 1 year manufacturer warranty and where as ebay dealers 4 years warranty (eg. Sony bravia)Can you please help us out thisThx in advance

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